It was with some scepticism I tried hypnosis downloads. I entered the experiment with an open mind and found, to my surprise that it actually worked.

You have to try it with an open mind or else it will definitely not work for you.

I tried an improve your sport download and immediately saw massive improvements in my Badminton efforts.
To carry the experiment further I checked if it was OK to let a 10 year old try the improve your sport download and found it was so I let my daughter listen to the hypnosis download before she entered a cross country run which she did weekly throughout the season.

The best she had managed before trying hypnosis was 19th out of a field of 100+. Not too bad in my opinion but she was always asking me to help her improve. We went training regularly and she made some improvements, then we tried the hypnosis download and she came 2nd in pretty much the same field as previous races.

Coincidence or something else?

Why not try one yourself? Take a look at the courses you can download here:

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